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300,000 children live on the streets of Mumbai
Just 50 will feed a street child for 1 year
100 provides a weeks dental and medical care for 100 adults and children
Just 5 / month gives a child a basic education

About Street Life

STREET LIFE helps and supports projects in India to bring hope and life to children and adults living on the streets and in the slums of India's largest city, Mumbai. Working currently with the Vision Rescue project, the money raised through STREET LIFE goes to help feed, clothe and educate slum and street children, bring health promotion and medical help to families in the Mumbai slums, free girls from prostitution, and rehabilitate drug addicts.

Learn more about the Vision Rescue project.

Future Projects

With the support of STREET LIFE, Vision Rescue aims to bring quality education to the lives of thousands of street and slum children by setting up schools in the Mumbai slums. These schools will give children a hope for the future and allow them to break out of the poverty cycle.

Th Charis Foundation are looking to improve the facilities at their Children's home and continue helping to give orphans a quality education and hope for the future.

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Latest News

Thank you to Walton Oak Primary School who raised over £300 for Street Life.  They hired a bus to come to the school and some of the children had their lessons on the bus, just like the project in Mumbai.

Ewell Castle School raised over £500 through a school mufti day. Thank you to all staff and pupils!

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