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300,000 children live on the streets of Mumbai
Just 50 will feed a street child for 1 year
100 provides a weeks dental and medical care for 100 adults and children
Just 5 / month gives a child a basic education

Helping the Trafficked, Abused and Addicted

Mumbai is described as ‘The City of Dreams’ in India and a lot of people particularly men migrate to this city, leaving their family behind, in search of their dream job.  Unfortunately life in Mumbai is expensive and jobs scarce so many of these men end up on the streets penniless.  Without money they are unable to afford to get home to their families so their life spirals downwards into depression.  Suicide is common; others just give up and die or turn to drugs and alcohol.  However, Vision Rescue offers hope in the form of their ‘Street Team’.  Made up of Community Support Workers and rehabilitated individuals wanting to help others out of the desperate situation that they too were once in; this outreach team goes wherever the destitute and homeless are seen. Currently, the team visit 10 locations and each month between 210-260 individuals are given counselling, rehabilitation/ alcohol detoxification, first aid or medical treatment and hospitalisation if needed, assistance to reunite with their families and jobs.  The team works flat out every day offering love, encouragement and strength to help these broken individuals to rise up in life with hope and confidence.  


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