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300,000 children live on the streets of Mumbai
Just 50 will feed a street child for 1 year
100 provides a weeks dental and medical care for 100 adults and children
Just 5 / month gives a child a basic education

Under the UN Convention (1989), every child has a right to education and yet over the world so many children are denied this opportunity. In India, it is estimated that there are 16 million children who do not attend school. This is more that twice the population of London! The majority of these children are from slum areas or live on the streets. The Vision Rescue project believes that poverty does not dictate a child’s future and therefore slum children should have the same opportunities for education as other children.

In the slum areas that are covered by the Vision Rescue Project, there are still hundreds of children who are unable to get into full time education because their parents do not have the money to equip their child for school and pay the admission fees.   These children need to be enrolled into good schools to stand any chance of beating the poverty cycle and giving then hope


£30 Start Up Fee 
Includes enrolment/ admission fee, 1 uniform, shoes, school bag and school books 

£5 monthly fee
Covers the monthly tuition cost per child. £60 pays for a child’s tuition for an entire year!




Thanks to the donations we have had so far, Street Life has been able to enrol children into school.  Here are some of the children now going to school as a result of your support!!


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